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& Dr. Vranjes Olfactory Experience

The city of Florence has a unique tradition for distilling essences; a great contribution comes from refined Caterina de Medici, a well known ambassador for the art of perfumery from the 16th century and wife of
King of France.

L'Antica Officina del Farmacista expresses the story of a "nose" who has experienced the essential elements of Florence, one of world's major artistic treasures. In that scenery he was able to develop highly refined products always focusing on the sensibility towards olfactory distinction.

The "nose" previously mentioned is Dr. Paolo Vranjes; farmacist, chemist cosmetologist and, most importantly, an interpreter of emotions generated by his artisanal creations.

, in an exclusive collaboration with Dr. Vranjes, allows you to experience a totally unique and private journey through senses where you will be able to join the enchanted world of fragrances, deepening your understanding about the perfumery sector as well as allowing yourself to create your own home fragrance that can reflect your personality, at all times assisted by a Dr. Vranjes expert who will be at your disposal during your entire visit.

Olfactory Decoration
To create the perfect fragrance for each environment that we spend time and host - from the kitchen to the living room, office, entrance hall or children's bedroom – is the mission of Dr.Vranjes. The wellbeing generated by Dr. Vranjes' olfactory decoration arises from a deep assessment of each space, considering not only material aspects such as dimension, lighting and furniture but also the complexity envolved by the mental properties of various natural essences used in the home fragrances.

Exclusive Sartorial Programs *

Boutique Experience
This experience is consisted by a two-hour visit to one of Dr. Vranjes Florence boutiques under the supervision of a fragrance expert who will introduce you to the world of essences, guiding you through an olfactory path. It is possible to design your personalized home fragrance and receive it at home after you arrive from your days of vacation.

Headquarters Experience I
In this one-and-a-half hour experience you will visit Dr. Vranjes headquarters where a field expert will conduct you to the world of home fragrances, guiding you through an olfactorial path. You can then design your own bespoke fragrance that can be sent to your home after your days of vacation.

Afterwards, you will be able to personally meet with Dr. Vranjes* or his master perfumer who will reveal the secrets of ellaborating a home fragrance, explaining how to identify its individual components before assembled in the finished fragrance.

In the end of the experience you will receive a finalized home fragrance in one of Dr. Vranjes' refined packages.

* Subject to availability

Headquarters Experience II
Half-day visit to the headquarters and meeting with the master perfumer who will introduce you to the world of luxury perfumery where you will learn how to smell and identify various essences, being able to recognize the main ingredients that compose the home fragrances of Dr. Vranjes. In the end of the experience you will receive your home fragrance in an magnific bottle of blown crystal with pure gold finishings.

Wedding Experience
In order to create a particular proposal for your newlywed life, a Dr. Vranjes fragrance expert will assist you in designing your specific fragrance which will be part of your new home as well as, if you wish, compose a special gift for your wedding guests.

Please contact us for a personalized suggestion and quotation.

*According to your preferences the locations can be modified. Please advise your special requests in the moment of your booking.